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What exactly is AVM

Hydrofication of the tractor is a crucial problem. Not only the work-flow may possibly depend upon the quality of the equipment, its set up and design. Mistakes affect the condition of the vehicle and also lead to injury to operators or other people. And all sorts of that must be carried out ended up being to entrust the installation and selection of the hydraulic method to AVM Team Ukraine. The technicians of your organization manage any jobs and definately will quickly find the required equipment even for uncommon ask for.

What exactly is AVM

AVM Ukraine is the largest retail store of hydraulic equipment for pickup trucks.

Investments top quality components from:

- Gemma;

- Hyva;

- Binotto;

- Aber;

- Penta.

Suppliers have distinct prices policies. As well as for some, including the user profile from the work for which the equipment is supposed is quite slim. However they are united by their undoubted top quality, identified around the world.

Exactly what does AVM retail store promote?

The store's catalog consists of merchandise for the hydrofication of any freight move. In collection:

- hydraulic tanks and pumps;

- potential consider-off of shafts;

- manipulators;

- management panels;

- branch and valves water lines;

- consumables.

Why are hydraulics installed on trucks?

Most of the tractors in the manufacturer are produced exclusively for interaction with semi-trailers. Hauling a restricted list of merchandise or hauling other autos is perhaps all that the device can perform. Hydraulics, on the other hand, allows you to broaden the region of ? ?their use. As an example, mount:

- dispose of trailer or concrete mixer and transform the tractor into a construction


- squander assortment package or watering process with brushes for

communal performs;

- cistern and pump to deliver sewage services;

- refrigeration station for transportation of products demanding very low

temperature ranges;

- a unique transport foundation for your transport of outsized freight and

agricultural equipment.

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